Sunday, 12 February 2012

My funny Valentine.

Literally, it would be hilarious to wear all red.
Leather Rucksack - Topshop
Red lipstick - Stargazer
Red Vans
Topshop skinnies
Reiss T-shirt
Butter Nail Varnish
Can you tell I don't dress girly very often?
Valentino Dress
Chanel Bag
Rockabella Bangle (loathe the name)
Chanel Chance Perfume
Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
Alex and Chloe Earrings
Beau Coups Hasborg Wedges
Wildfox Sweater
Play by Comme des Garçons Cologne
Balenciaga Foil Washed Leather Pants

 It's a good job I'm single; I think I'd scare boys off wearing these outfits, espesh the red traffic light one at the top. 


  1. Want this red rucksack from the first outfit ! kiss <3

  2. Love the sweater with the heart on!


Much love. x