Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Amsterdamn AM Skate Contest

I dragged my tired ass out on Sunday to get on the ferry to Amsterdam Noord to watch the final of the Amsterdamn AM Skate Contest. It was the first time I've ever watched a skate contest live, and I freakin' loved it.

It seems that nowadays I describe everything as having a good vibe, but this event definitely had a good vibe to it.

I've been tweeting for months that I want a skateboard, but haven't actually got round to buying one. Really I need to stop moaning and do something about it. 

There were a couple of guys in particular caught my eye who I steamed off and if you've got me on Facey, you might have seen an influx of photos of of one particular guy who really was a bit disgusting, but him being a skater makes him 300 times fitter.

Sorry to go back 8 years, but I've still got a soft spot for skaters. What is it that makes them so fit?!
I could possibly only be in Amsterdam until the end of August, which terrifies me. I know I have to absolutely smash the next two months, and going to things like this remind me how much I love this city, and for the time being, I'm far from being finished with it.


  1. awesome shots!!

  2. Your hair is getting long huh!!

    Feel I aint spoken to you in ages...girl! might add you ha!

    Great photos as always!

    P.S I always had a thing for skaters too

    Joanne xx

  3. Hello lovely!! Add me! my name is lauren jane mcbride! xx


Much love. x