Sunday, 18 April 2010

Jog on Ke$ha, Uffie is BACK.

Uffie - ADD SUV feat. Pharell [Prod. by Mirwais]byTPBSecretLeaks

P.S Check me out; first a video, now a song. I seem to be quite the technical ho today.

Found via hypebeast


  1. YES! You get it too - I said when I first heard Ke$ha and her Tthhee Ppaarrttyy rip off song that she was totally an Uffie wannabe, nobody got it... but you do! Uffie is a total babe, welcome back.

  2. I know right!

    I was like, she is such an American rip of Uffie, and my mate was like, yeh but, Uffie is American too.

    Damn geographical technicalities!

    I will always think of her as being Parisian!

    Long live ED REC! xx


Much love. x