Saturday, 23 January 2010

Girls after my own heart

I'm not overly sure when this obsession with dressing in black and white will end, but no doubt it's boring you guys.

I kind of like it, it's a bit tricky at times; all I seem to be wearing are see-through H+M white t-shirts with black jeans.

However, I bought these black fox fur cuffs to go at the bottom of your sleeves which are pretty pimp.

I've also made a few other "investments" as well, accessories wise. Pictures to follow soon I guess.

P.S. I'm fuming because my Moncler coat isn't going to arrive until after I get back from New York so I've jibbed that one off, so my mission is to find a decent coat before I leave.

P.P.S Just wanted to say a big HELLO to my new followers! Thanks guys! Say Hi - don't be shy!

P.P.P.S That chick at the bottom kind of looks like Jasper from Twilight, yah?


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  1. Like the post, very stylish individuals... keep keeping on.

    Yours N.


Much love. x