Monday, 14 September 2009

Hots and Nots

-Adventure Land
James + Em - <3
-Schwarzkopf Volume Boost Shampoo+Conditioner
Review to come on these. My hair smells amaze.
-New Vans
Orange cheers me up in this gloomy September
I can't wait to get the ball rolling with this!
-Mac Lipstick in Amplified
Super duper bright
-YSL Lipstick in Rouge Pur 19
The staying power on this is amazing. My mum thought I'd put lippy on when I woke up the next day. Nope it had just stained my lips.

-Smashing my brand new Mac Foundation and losing 3/4 of it.
-Flickr PicNik - does this ever load up?
-Dark mornings and Dark nights :(
-My hair - Will it ever grow?


  1. I love YSL lippy. Can't believe your foundation was wasted! I feel your pain. Foundation is the most boring of makeup purchases - I always hate spending money on it. However was this the one that caused a bit of a breakout? If so perhaps that can be the silver lining to your makeup smashing cloud.. Getting a new skin friendly one :) x

  2. Yes! this is the one that made me upsettingly spotty! So maybe it is a blessing in disguise! x


Much love. x