Thursday, 13 August 2009

luh luh luh lookbook eh eh eh envy



  1. Hello beautiful, missed your blog since i've been absent so jsut caught up to date.

    these pics are hot.

    thinking of going to livers for my 21st can you recommend any places for me? we'd liek a nice meal not too expensive but then is there any indie clubs to end the night in?

    loves x

  2. I bought a blazer similar to that in a charity shop in merry old ormskirk the other day. I wish I could have bought her legs too. Good selection! :) x

  3. You can get a similar version to the white vest top at TopShop's Tee Shop right now ~ Draped Crop Vest =)

  4. I got a goo feeling about this blogg... hemm

    Cool snaps. The hot pink BF jacket is tops real bold color don’t know weather to take a bite out of it or put my sunglasses on. The mysterious black number...oooo. The white casual t-and hot pants is a sexy look on par with Lucy lu in the skirt, the skirt looks like a big old grisly bear tried real hard to get her out of a dismally failed.

    hey, too bad about Sundays score.

    Spurs 2-1 Liverpool come on you spurs.

    Yours Nathaniel McCarthy

  5. @ Twiggy Mod - this is good news you are coming to Liverpool - you will have such a good time! It might be good to start off in the Albert Docks to have some food - Circo, or Raven maybe, then get a taxi over to Seel Street (about £3) and get yourself to The Peacock, Downstairs Heebie Jeebies, La'go, and Mojo. It's always good to end up in Bumper, which is open til pretty late. Ah excited for you! x

  6. @Sonia - ah how nice are those draped tops in Topshop! On holiday I felt left out, like I was the only one without one! Hope you're good chick x

  7. @ Nathaniel - Thanks! It's always good to see male bloggers, you're few and far between! x

  8. @ Frock Around The Clock - Charlotte this is so weird but I think I had a dream that we won a blogging contest last night.. Eek I'm a weirdo. x


Much love. x