Thursday, 2 July 2009

Who needs St Tropez?!

When you can buy a bottle of St. Moriz for £2.99 from Home and Bargain!
So many have people have been blogging about this that I thought I had to get in on the action.

I've only ever used the spray St Tropez, but so far, the colour is really similar (I used a mousse St. Moriz).

I'll let you know how it goes though!

P.S never try and put fake tan on in the bathroom after you've just had a shower - it drips right back off!

P.P.S Big shout out to Charlotte from Frock Around The Clock (link on the left hand of my page) who I properly bumped into today! I looked like such a ming - i'd been cycling about town (Liverpool was sooo hot today), and she was in a lovely dress! x x


  1. I am loving this so far! Bit streaky on my elbows but I will let it off xx

  2. i NEED this stuff but ive never ever heard of home and bargain!HELP! haha as a fake tan obcessive i dont think i can give this a miss! hopefully ebay will have some! x

  3. @ Laura Faye - I know! The elbows are a bit patchy so far! But a little moisturiser should sort that out!

  4. @ Holly :) - It's really good! Home and Bargain is like this super cheap shop - perfect for buying holiday products like shampoo and stuff! I heard so much hype about it I had to try it! So far so good - it's really like St. Tropez! Thanks for following chick! xx


Much love. x