Monday, 23 March 2009

I need your honest opinion

Spring is here, and I need a new hair do! But I don't want to make it a hair don't! So this is something I'm thinking about trying...

My Dad just put me off by saying "It looks like you've parted your hair with an axe." Yeh good job he's going home tomorrow.


  1. I like your hair like that. I think it looks very sophisticated.

    I love your belt ring too. Awesome friends.

    And, Happy Birthday!

  2. Hmm...I have short hair too, and when you want to do something different with it it's always abit tricky. The centre parting may look nice when you've just done it in the safety of your own home, but in my opinion (and experience) as soon as you walk out the door, the parting will go awol! And you will be forever fiddling with it. Why not try a flick to the fringe? Feminine and adds abit of variety. Or add some volume to the top with a few waves? Or back combing it back into a super quiff?? Help much?! xx

  3. pahh what do dads know? i think it looks amazing! centre partings are definitely the way forward x

  4. My dad says lovely things too.. like that I look like a lesbian if I wear ankle boots.. cheers dad. I like it but why not throw a couple of little plaits into the mix to add a little extra something to it! :) x


Much love. x