Friday, 30 January 2009

A pair of star cross' lovers take their life

So I watched Romeo and Juliet this afternoon, and started to think about my life, and my great loves, and my love life, and not much really came of it. But I did write out some pretty amazing lines from the play which are pretty romantic, and with Valentines day round the corner, my heart is bubbling something pretty at the moment..

My lips, two brushing pilgrims,
Ready stand,
To smooth that touch with a tender kiss.

You are a lover,
Borrow Cupid's wings and soar
With them above, a common bound. 

If love be rough with you,
Be rough with love. 

I'm still not sure what the purpose of my blog is yet. I don't think it's going to be this fashion masterpiece which I imagined it to be. Just a little collection of thoughts, musings, music and pretty pictures.

Night night x x x


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  2. i personally think diverse blogs are the way to go because a little bit of everything keeps us coming back for more; besides, who doesn't love the feeling of the unexpected ! your blog is perfection love =)


Much love. x