Saturday, 12 July 2014

Roost Coffee - Amsterdam.

Just as an FYI - this post was a million percent unplanned.

Recently, one of my favourite things to do is go exploring on my bike and search for new coffee houses round by my neighbourhood.

I live kind of Oost Amsterdam, near to the Amstel River, so pretty close to De Pijp which is bursting with crazy busy cafes and bars. There's not as many options round by this way, so everytime I've gone past somewhere new, I've made a mental note to make sure I visit.

Last week I found a little vegan cafe, (I'm not a vegan - I've been basically on a strict meat-only diet since I threw a 4th of July bbq last week) and had a pretty tasty almond milk and banana ice latte. I took my book and enjoyed a brief pitstop for 25 minutes or so to enjoy my drink before I got on with going to buy groceries.

This weekend, I knew I wanted to go to a place I've ran past a couple of times, called Roost. It's a coffee house and it's in the Oost. Get it? Roost. Anyway, as I said I knew I wanted to check it out and I knew I needed to blog this weekend, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and bring my Mac down and get my groove on with an ice coffee.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam Oost, check this place out. It's nice and quiet, good coffee and cute coffee guys. What more could you want?

OOTD - Great Plains Dip Dye Dress

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted on behalf of Great Plains and asked to check out their current dress range and was instantly attracted to this dip dye dress. I'm all about that dip dye life, from DIY's to already mades, I've got quite a few dip dye things.

I put it on for the first time today and absolutely love it. It's super cool for the summer and even balmy days like today (it's 24degrees and cloudy at the moment in Amsterdam.)

I put it on with my Nike Tennis Classic which have been part of my rotation for the past four months and also my Granny's locket which is my most treasured piece of jewelry. 

I know I'm gonna get loads of wear out of this, especially because I'm going to Greece in August and I think it'll be perfect to wear to and from the beach. 

Check out the dress here. Just for y'alls information, I got a Medium and I'm a size 12. The size is pretty dead on I think; not too tight, not too baggy.

Apologies for my awkward posing; I lost my camera in my room somewhere in between taking the top photo and getting ready to take the other outfit photos. 

Bravo Lauren, Bravo. 

Friday, 11 July 2014


As I haven't posted much recently, I thought I'd give a brief description of what's been going on in my life of recent times.

This basically sums up the past six weeks.

Football: I've thoroughly enjoyed world cup and was gutted to see the Netherlands leave the other night after penalties. I've been all about the football-shirt and if you follow me on Instagram, you might have got sick of me.

ASAP Rocky: If you know me and no matter if you're a boy or a girl, I've probably asked you "do you think ASAP Rocky is hot?" For me, he's number 1. I can't stop listening to him or looking at pictures of him. I don't know what it is about him. I do really. It's his face. HE'S SO FIT. A few of us all went to see ASAP Ferg on Wednesday night which was awesome. The mosh pits were worse than at Jay-Z (aka better) but I'm bruised allover and each time I was back in the circle, I was thinking, f'ck Lauren, you're a 26 year old female. You shouldn't be doing this. Big up to Schoolboy Q as well for showing up. Hope you had fun in the Green House.

Sun: The weather has been pretty wonderful recently so we've taken full advantage of the terrace and the bbq, having a 4th July party last week. I also got a new bike which I've freaking loved cycling, even if it's just to the station in the morning. I didn't realised how much I missed it.

Running: I ran my second half-marathon of the year in June (I think) in Hackney. It was hot, long and tough. Really really tough. In any of the races I've done (that sounds better than it actually is - six) I've never seen so many people crashed out on the side of the road. It was pretty scary. It was nice to be back in London again and to see people but it did make me miss Amsterdam.

So I think I'm back into a good flow at the moment, gonna try and pick up on posting regularly again.

Let's see how that goes..

Sunday, 15 June 2014


amsterdam, i love you.

I go through ups and downs of how I feel about Amsterdam. It's tough living away from your close friends and family and easy to feel alone.

Last weekend, I had the best weekend in Amsterdam I've had in a long time.

It was a three day weekend which was a huge advantage and even though I didn't really have any plans apart from We Own The Night on the Saturday, things cropped up every here and there and I found I did so much more than expected.

 I'm excited for this Summer in Amsterdam, I've got a good feeling about it.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Liverpool RocknRoll Half Marathon.

Last Sunday, I woke up super early, made myself a coffee, porridge with banana, got a shower and ready to do the Liverpool RocknRoll Half Marathon.

I was fairly nervous and very aware of the fact that the furthest distance I'd done in my training (using that word lightly) was a 15k about four weeks previously. A half marathon is 21, so I was pretty far away from hitting that full distance.

I've said it a million times before; I'm a slow runner. I realised when I did We Own The Night, that I don't like pushing myself too much and getting too tired, out of breath etc so I think I need to change this. I took this approach during this race and just had it in mind that I wanted to actually finish.

The idea behind this particular race being called RocknRoll was to celebrate Liverpool's (and other city's it takes place in) music history, so we started out by the Albert Dock, then ran through the Cavern Quarter and from then in at every mile there was a music stage. It was pretty cool, but didn't quite have the effect it intended to have, on the bands and stages I saw. But it was nice to see live music while running and even getting cheered on by the musicians was pretty cool.

I started out by running in my Flyknit Lunar 1s, which were what got me through Hood 2 Coast last year, but about 6K in, blisters started to kick in on my heels. I asked my mum to bring me my Flyknit Racers to the point she was meeting me at about 13K, at around Jericho Lane and they were an absolute godsend (plus the plasters my dad bought me before.)

My legs and knees were absolutely done in at the end of the race and honestly it took me about two days to fully recover.

I realise now that I have to start doing some more long distance training, because for some ridiculous reason I've signed up to do the Hackney Half Marathon. Why? I don't know.

So I'm off out for a run now to see how my knees are gonna hold up. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Interview with Jade from The Jade Aesthetic

Firstly, tell me a bit about yourself!
21, Chinese and proudly born and bred in Liverpool. I've just moved back home after studying a journalism degree in London but don't ask me what I'm going to do next because I have no idea!

Tell me a bit about your blog.
I prefer to call it a 'personal style' blog, rather than a fashion blog because I'll be the first to say that I don't actually know squat about ~real fashun~. I post about my outfits and stuff I buy (it's all very superficial) with little snippets of what's currently going on in my life. The name 'The Jade Aesthetic' actually came from a comment someone left on one of my outfit posts about what I was wearing. I was like, that's got a great ring to it and I definitely try to go for a certain 'look' with what I wear, so I bumped the phrase to blog name status.

What made you start blogging?
Funnily enough, Ironic Fashion!! My friend pointed me in the direction of this blog because she knew I was a regular blog reader and seeing Ironic Fashion was the first time seeing someone "real" blogging and how true it was that anyone can pick it up as a hobby. It was around the beginning of sixth form when we all had to start putting career paths into motion and since I knew I wanted to do something creative at uni, my friend persuaded me to start a blog (thanks Alex!). NOTE FROM LAUREN: ERM OMFGZ.

What's your favourite thing about fashion blogging?
I can truly indulge in being materialistic with people who understand it (told you I was superficial). In my 'real life', friends say I shop too much and most likely roll their eyes at my composed Instagram pics but in the fashion blogging world, everyone is like "yes, buy the top!" or gets equally as excited as me over my new purchases.

What's the best thing to have come from writing your blog?
In the grand scheme of things my blog is still massively small fry, so I can't say much about big opportunities (although I do think it helped me get an internship last year, so don't underestimate your blog, even if it doesn't have 1000s following!). I suppose I'm a lot more confident because of writing my blog. Putting yourself out there online needs confidence anyway but I'm now a lot more open about my blog and I'll write whatever, whereas in the past I'd be worried about what people might think if they found it. Thankfully, all of my friends are supportive of it and it's a nice little confidence boost to be known as 'the creative one'!
How would you describe your own style?
Hmmmm... I try to look put together all the time. My motto is "You never know who you're going to bump into!" so I never like to go casual, even if I'm just going to ASDA. Although, to me, casual is skinny jeans, a shirt and a blazer. I think it's nice if your casual is someone else's dressy! You'll never see me without my false lashes, for example. I'm all for muted colours, a lot of white and minimal pieces (I avoid print and frills). Basically a Zara mannequin. Actually, I think my style is what it is so that I make people *think* I'm put together, that I have my life in check!
TL;DR - I wear a lot of white.

Top 5 essentials?
iPhone - I queued for my current one more times than I should be proud of and ended up buying it under a bus shelter from a shady Carphone Warehouse guy for way more than it's worth! It holds my life on it.
False lashes - I have Asian eyes and eyelashes, so... enough said. Although can I cheat and group a full face of makeup with this answer too? I live in Liverpool so it'd be a sin to not have my brows meticulously done and while I'm doing that, I may as well conceal and contour!
White blazer - I throw this on like some people might throw on a hoodie! It instantly smartens any outfit and is appropriate for any occasion.
ASOS Premier account - Yes, this definitely qualifies as an essential. £10 for unlimited next day delivery for a year has been a godsend for me! I recommend every ASOS lover to get it; it's SO worth it. - This website has a 24/7 stream of Friends episodes!! I watch it everyday and there's really nothing better than having it on in the background and online shopping from the iPad.

What are you most looking forward to wearing in summer?
Lightweight, white sundresses. I've yet to buy a nice little collection of these but I'm envisioning a cute white dress with crochet cutouts or something, slipped over tanned skin with my OTT flower crown on my head.

Most fashion forward city you've visited?
I have to be loyal and say Liverpool! London is typically seen as the fashion capital but I honestly thought some people were either too try-hard or just didn't seem to care about making an effort at all!

What's the difference between fashion in Liverpool and London?
People in Liverpool really make an effort and I love that. Like you'll see a girl in a full face of makeup with a curly blow before it's even midday whereas in London, people don't even wear heels on a night out. London fashion is a lot more diverse, though. Being on a media campus for the past three years, these eyes have seen a lot of "wtf" outfits from both girls and boys!

What role do you think fashion bloggers have in the fashion industry?
:o this question is like my dissertation all over again. I think the importance of fashion bloggers will only grow. Bloggers are seen as relatable and accessible for readers and so really have influence in spreading the word about products already (I know I've bought plenty of clothes and beauty products just off seeing them on a blog). I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more 'Blogger X Brand' clothing or accessory collections.

What are your top 5 fashion blogs?
If we're talking exclusively fashion and this is by no means my definitive top 5 because I have too many favourites! - Song of Style, Into The Fold, See Want Shop, Man Repeller and IAMGALLA (he's very easy on the eyes). (As a sneaky sixth pick, I obviously love Ironic Fashion because I bum Nike to no end.)

Follow Jade on IG (You wont regret it)
Check out The Jade Aesthetic here

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