Thursday, 5 November 2015

Air Jordan 5 x Supreme

I'd like to say I'm not a hypebeast.

I'd like to say I'm not a sneakerhead.

My jumpers are Acne, my jeans are River Island and my trainers are for the most part, are general release - none of these indicate hypebeast nor sneakerhead.

This pair I'm about to talk about however could err on the side of both.

Somehow, the launch gods were on my side on Saturday morning and I managed to buy the Air Jordan 5 x Supreme collab in the camo colourway.

The Camo colourway was the only one available on - I think the others were only available through Supreme and honestly, I'm not being salty but these look so much better than any of the other options available.

I just have to pick a safe day when these can be worn out of the house and in this unpredictable Dutch weather we have.


&other stories haul

I was in meetings in Amsterdam last week, which I absolutely adore by the way. No hour long commute to our wonderful HQ, just a simple bike ride along the canals to an old, authentic Amsterdam water-front building. If I worked as well as lived in Amsterdam, I couldn't ask for much more.

I've digressed before I've even begun. That's good isn't it.

Anyway, so after my meeting finished, I made a quick pitstop at the &otherstories store which is on the Heiligeweg just off the Kalverstraat and had a lovely stress free, post all day meeting spend.

For some reason I headed straight for the cosmetics. I barely gave the clothes a second glance. I was in the mood for some new beauty products and determined to do a power shop in the short 30 mins I had before the store shut.

Their products are so lovely, so simply designed and a pretty good price. I love how clean they are look and the packaging is perfect.

Even the bags are beautiful.

Overview of all:
Large Body Mist and Body Wash in Fig Fiction
Moroccan Tea Hand Cream and Mini Body Mist
Le Grand Moyeu Candle
Lil hoop earrings
Black eyeliner
Phone Case
Lip Balm


Monday, 5 October 2015

black and grey kinda day

Being back in Liverpool in the autumn is simply wonderful. The leaves make the neighbourhood look even more beautiful than normal and it makes me very excited to come back home for Christmas. 

Coat - Forever 21
Jumper - Acne
Sneakers - Nike Sportswear Cortez

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I've been a bit lazy for the past few months and been dipping in and out of a solid exercise routine. I'm still cycling a lot, but with my new job/transition from old job/traveling/other excuses, I've kinda pushed the thought of exercise to the back of my mind.

Tomorrow this all changes. I've devised a workout-plan with a colleague from work and I'm pretty determined to stick to it. I'm pretty sure she'll kick my ass if I make an excuse and cancel on her for a workout session, so I don't want to let her down. 

Next week I'm back in Liverpool and I've got a personal training session scheduled in at the JD Gym which I'm looking forward to. I find it much better when a professional is showing me the ropes. They'll probably kick my ass, but no pain no gain, right?

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